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JMB Davis Ben-David works with Market Square IP in order to facilitate the  monetization of patent assets  that the applicant/owner has decided to allow to go abandoned, including both patent applications and  registered patents.

As a decision to allow to go abandoned is known only to the applicant and his attorney, these “slated to be abandoned” assets have essentially been excluded from the monetization marketplace. Currently this affects approximately a quarter of a million pending applications in the US (that are allowed to go abandoned) every year.

  • Market Square IP Ltd. provides an opportunity for the applicant to see a financial return on the asset that would otherwise be abandoned.
  • Market Square IP has a team of IP assessment and valuation experts as well as experienced IP deal makers with a track record of over $ 1bn of successful IP transactions.

If you are interested in finding out more, visit or contact me directly. I’ll be able to describe the venture in more detail during a telephone call after which I will be happy to send you the relevant business documentation.

In the meantime, I invite you to view this 3 minute video presentation:

Jeremy M. Ben-David

Owner of JMB Davis Ben-David

Co-founder of Market Square IP Ltd.