Introducing Timelines for IP Prosecution in Israel

“Time is money” is a well-known quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Apart from being one of the Founding Fathers of the USA, he would have been quite at home in today’s startup scene, being, among other things, a famous inventor.

Another, less well known quote, attributed to the American author Ray Cummings, is “Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.” And while many of us in the IP profession would argue that it is Examiners (whether patent or trademark) who keep everything from happening at once, it is, regardless, useful to know when to expect the commencement of examination, terms for response, availability of extensions, and, ultimately, the expected time until allowance and registration of patents, designs and trademarks.

And this is especially so in a jurisdiction such as Israel, in which only a relatively small number of applications are filed and thus what happens on the way to registration is less well known than many other more popular jurisdictions such as the US, Europe, China and Japan.

There are various reasons why Israel is less sought after as an IP destination than other countries. Even though Israel has one of the strongest and most dynamic R&D bases in the world, and attracts significantly more venture capital investment per capita than other countries, these statistics generally inform the technology export-related indicators. You will therefore see a relatively large number of US patents registered to Israelis, and a very large number of Israeli technology companies trading on the NASDAQ (4th after the US, Canada and China).

In terms of the number of domestic and incoming IP registrations however, this is governed primarily by the size of the country (about 8.5 million) and the consequent size of the market; and this is why the infrequent patent or trademark filer in Israel remains unfamiliar with how these applications are prosecuted. And this is why we feel that our timeline pages for patentsdesigns and trademarks will be of value.

There is clearly much more to know about IP prosecution in Israel, and I invite you to peruse our website and write to me directly if you should have any questions about prosecution in Israel, or indeed, about any of the services we provide.

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