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  • Novel biotherapeutic APIs—antibodies and conjugates, gene therapy, proteins, microorganisms
  • Novel methods for producing biotherapeutic API
  • Drug delivery
  • Diagnostic modalities
  • Microorganism-based technologies (green energy)
  • Agriculture

Chemistry & Materials

  • Novel compounds and synthetic methods
  • Chemical treatment methods
  • Coatings and electroplating
  • Substance detection
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Biocompatible materials


  • Solar, wind, wave energy
  • Water purification
  • Well refurbishment

Computers & IT

  • Telecom and security
  • Image processing
  • Mobile phone apps
  • Computer interface devices

Medical Devices

  • Diagnostic/therapeutic devices and accessories
  • Cardio, orthopedic, gastro
  • Women’s medicine/obstetrics
  • Dentistry

Mechanical Engineering

  • Oil, water and gas drilling
  • Engines
  • Dairy systems
  • Semiconductor and material processing
  • Small devices including toothbrushes, depilators


  • Novel small molecule APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and isoforms
  • Drug delivery technologies – novel formulations for small molecules
  • Second medical use claims – novel applications, combinations, and dosage regimes


  • Detection of radiation, particle concentrations
  • Spectroscopic systems
  • RF and optical technologies