Shimon Shalit

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Associate, Israel Practice Group

Israel Patent Attorney, Formalities Specialist and Licensed Mediator

+972-2-571-4777 x114

Shimon Shalit is an experienced specialist in IP applications, procedures and formalities issues who has served as a patent examiner as well as an active patent attorney and recently became a licensed mediator. He earned a B.Sc (Hons) in Physics from Imperial College, London.

Since joining JMB Ben-David in 2006, Mr. Shalit has prosecuted patent applications and specialized in formalities issues, including reinstatements of lapsed patents and trademarks, patent term extensions, late entry and missed deadlines. A licensed mediator, he excels at unraveling thorny issues such as the registration of licenses and assignments in the Israel Patent Office that are complicated by mergers, acquisitions and other transfers of rights among overseas parties. Mr. Shalit also handles complex issues surrounding the registration of Supplementary Patent Certificates for pharmaceutical patents.

Mr. Shalit launched his career in IP as a private practitioner in leading London IP firms. He subsequently worked as Patent Counsel for the Israel National Council of Research & Development and for government research laboratories, the Ministries of Defense and Agriculture, the National Physical Laboratory, the Atomic Energy Commission and other governmental departments. Mr. Shalit then moved to the Israel Patent Office, where he served as trademark and patent examiner and head of the PCT Department, and was a member of IP Legislative Committees, as well as Counsel to the Commissioner of Patents and Senior Formalities Counsel. Mr. Shalit drafted numerous internal procedures for the Patent Office.