Registering a trademark in the US translates into real value for the trademark owner. Branding enables businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors, attain brand recognition, and efficiently translate marketing activities into market leadership and sales. Carefully crafted branding strategies are necessary to guarantee that the value of a product or service will realize its full potential. Registering trademarks in the US, the largest market in the world, is an essential part of that strategy. 

Our skillful and efficient US trademark team helps clients from around the world obtain solid trademark protection in the US to fully support their business success. 

Sunday is a regular work day for us in Israel. As a result, our clients benefit from our ability to file trademark applications when most of the world is still enjoying the weekend. 

Israel is located along an ancient trading crossroads that was used by Nabataean spice traders on their way to Europe. As home to cosmopolitan populations of immigrants from North and South America, India, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Morocco, Syria, Algeria and too many other countries to name, the modern Israeli marketplace is far more active and attractive than mere population size would suggest. Israelis are sophisticated consumers of fine wines and exotic foods and avid users of the latest high tech gadgets. They seek out a wide variety of branded products and services produced and marketed by both domestic and foreign companies. 

The JMB Davis Ben-David Israel trademark services team works with leading international brands seeking to merchandize their products in Israel. We advise a growing number of clients regarding preferred filing strategies, types of marks available in Israel, and matters including the scope of goods and services, use requirements, types of acceptable marks and more. 

Our team also works closely with Customs authorities, who inform us of imports that are suspected of being counterfeit and infringing clients’ trademarks for which we’re the agent of record. 

Since both the United States and Israel started accepting applications through the Madrid Protocol just a few years ago, overseas applicants have displayed keen interest in registering their marks in the US through a US designation, and in Israel though an Israel designation. Domestic applicants are also enjoying the benefits of international registration. 

As in other countries, both the Israel Trademark Office and the USPTO examine for acceptability international registrations in which they have been designated, according to relevant laws. We have often been asked to intercede with the relevant trademark office to ensure that registration is successful. 

Madrid Protocol is a relevant option for domestic clients and when applicable, a viable strategy for international registration. We provide crucial guidance as to when the Madrid Protocol may be a less preferable method of registration, as when the mark is weak and ‘home’ registration may be susceptible to central attack. 

The ‘rest of the world’ includes dozens of jurisdictions where our clients have filed significant numbers of trademark registrations over the past almost 20 years. We have established working relationships with a vast network of experienced associates worldwide, whose expertise our clients rely on to obtain trademark rights in their respective jurisdictions. 

Many of our clients have significant international business interests extending across scores of countries. These clients benefit from our broad experience in managing large portfolios, such as at the inception of a campaign to establish brand exclusivity when a new product is introduced into many markets at the same time. 

We apply a different skill set to handle trademark disputes in multiple jurisdictions for marks that have increased in relevance and become attractive to competitors or other parties seeking to establish the rights as their own. In these situations, multiple strategies may be applied in cooperation with colleagues overseas to maximize our client’s rights, as well as assuming an aggressive stance vis a vis third party rights and activities that encroach on those of our clients.